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box_draw8.jpg (3770 bytes)

CorelDraw 8 Price:695$(full),$249  (upgrade).Suggested age group: 16 to adult. School or home. Language: English only.

Take advantage of this suite’s dazzling speed and performance, intuitive Web features and interactive tools that make it easy to produce brilliant designs every time. CorelDRAW™ 8 features powerful graphics applications and supporting utilities that deliver the latest in design technology, making it easy to create stunning designs and special effects.



box_photopaint8.jpg (4511 bytes)

Corel Photo-Paint 8 Price:595$(full),$249  (upgrade).Suggested age group: 16 to adult. School or home. Language: English only.

PHOTO-PAINT™ 8 delivers everything you need for state-of-the-art image correction, photo retouching and painting—all in one great package.Create stunning designs and special effects quickly and easily, and publish them to the Web with exceptional Internet graphics support.


Escher Interactive.jpg (5237 bytes)

Escer Interactive Price:595$(full),$249  (upgrade).Suggested age group: 16 to adult. School or home. Language: English only.

M.C. Escher has created some of this century's most famous images. His ingenious illusions and interlocking patterns - a combination of art, mathematics and imaginary worlds - are uniquely suited to the CD-ROM medium. Now you too can create your own Escher designs, play games with perspective, solve puzzles and experience the artist's infinite worlds more vividly than any book, film or exhibition could ever convey.
Format: PC CD-ROM

Minimum requirements: (MPC2)
486 SX 25MHz, Windows 3.1,
double speed CD-ROM drive,
8MB RAM, 9Mb hard disk
space, 16bit Audio.


Crayola Art Studio.jpg (8450 bytes)

Crayola Art Studio Price:95$ Suggested age group: 6+yrs. School or home. Language: English only.

The art studio contains everything from crazy lines, stickers, and drop in animations, to magic effects, talking keyboard and exploding erasers.Art Studio is an excellent paint package; very comprehensive, satisfying, and bound to give you and your children hours of laughter and entertainment

Minimum requirements: Super VGA, Sound card. Requires: 386 or higher, Windows 3.1, 12 Mb hard disk space, VGA or higher, 4 Mb RAM, DOS 3.2 or higher, and a mouse