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Art Education
Learn all about art and its history, the principles of color and its application in everyday life as well as it applies to graphical arts, photography, computers, architecture, lighting, and painting.
Digital Desgin
Programs designed to help create and edit art and digital images. Software tools for the designer, artist, and anybody working with images.
Museum Tours
Take a virtual walk through major museum's and artists studios.
Put your art catalog on a multi-media CD.
Multi-Media Art Desgin
Programs designed to help create and edit art and images.
Video Systems
Want to bring the latest in technology and art together?

Today's Feature: Art of Playboy @ 19.99 l

[The Art of Playboy] Art CD Hot Item!
The Art of Playboy
Art CD Price $19.99

The Art of Playboy is an irresistible multimedia tribute to twentieth century art. Browse through 600 stunning images by world-renowned artists — from Andy Warhol to Salvador Dali.

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A Passion for Art

Our Current Favorite
A Passion for Art
Art CD Price $29.99

Discover one of the world's greatest private art collections of the early 20th century. Interactive documentaries, inspiring close-ups of the paintings and a virtual tour of the Barnes Foundation bring post-impressionism to life.


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